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About Us

We With The Sun For A Better Nation

  • VSPARKLE is an independent solar system EPC company. We are based in Hyderabad, serving across India.

  • Our Whole team is passionate about energy conservation and helping our customers to save money while improving their local communities and the environment. Our accredited, knowledgeable solar energy designers and installers bring more than 25 years of experience to each project.

  • In today’s rapid-evolving energy market, it is important to know your options. That is why we provide free technical consultations so that you can make sure solar is good fit for your home or industry

  • Once we understand your energy needs and goals for your system, we will design a custom system that is suited to your specific requirements. We engage with consumers in both CAPEX and OPEX models based on their investment priorities, enabling them to adopt sustainable technologies without incurring high capital expenditure.



Systems is installed on the roofs of residential or commercial which do not require large tracts of land.


Ground-mount systems can face any direction you want. You can align your system at the optimal angle, so it points directly at the sun. For that reason alone, ground-mounted systems are most efficient, as they maximize access to the sunlight that powers the array.


New Technology which consists of an array of solar panels mounted on a structure that floats on a water body and is emerging as a promising trend in the renewable energy landscape.


Solar carports are overhead canopies built to cover parking areas and are distinct from panels installed onto a pre-existing carport structure.


Building-integrated photovoltaics are photovoltaic materials that are used to replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope such as the roof, skylights, or facades.

What we do

V Sparkle Offers clean, green and inexhaustible energy. A solar photovoltaic module is the most silent producer of energy as the Photovoltaic cells do not produce any kind of noise while generating electricity

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction)

VSPAKLE is a leading contractor providing complete turnkey solar power solutions for utility scale PV projects. We offer both full EPC scope including panel supply, as well as EPC for balance of system (BoS) according to client needs.

  • Full turn-key EPC responsibility
  • Optimized in-house engineering & design
  • Procurement strategy based on approved tier-1 suppliers
  • Energy storage integration and hybrid solutions
  • Electrical substations and grid interconnections
  • With our extensive experience in design and installation of high-capacity power plants across the country, we leverage our technical experience and industry know-how to develop the most cost-effective and energy efficient solar PV plants for you.

Design Consultancy

Our design & consulting team stemming from extensive experience deliver the expert technical support needed to successfully navigate the complexities of project economics, siting, planning, design, permitting, and construction. we provide you a flawless engineering solution that minimizes losses, improves efficacy, and maximizes yield.

  • Project Description
  • Shadow Analysis
  • Site Plan
  • PV Layout
  • Mounting Methods
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Single-Line Electrical Diagram
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Bill of Materials
  • Data Sheets for Modules, Inverters, Mounting
  • 11KV & 33KV Substation designs

Operation & Maintenance

As a photovoltaic system integrator with Wide operations, we combine professional operations management with preventive maintenance to ensure the continuous optimization of your solar plant’s output. We offer a wide range of one-stop shop services which can be selected and combined in accordance with your individual needs.

  • Operation and Supervision
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Periodic Reporting

Site Inspections and Troubleshoot

Analyzing the solar plants to improve the overall generation

Site Survey

We provide the best site survey reports with shadow analysis


At VSPARKLE, we offer a variety of solar OPEX &EMI options so that everyone can save money regardless of their budget or credit history. These include flexible payment plans to meet your needs.



Tirumala Cotton - 3 Kw Off-Grid -2 Sites - Guntur


Agro Products - 3 Kw Off-Grid - Guntur


10 Kw RoofTop Noida



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